BeWellTV & PowHERhouse Join Forces!


I want to introduce you to our new partnership with PowHERhouse Media Group and founder Charlene SanJenko!

Charlene is a social entrepreneur, a publisher & producer, author, speaker, community leader, economic development enthusiast and second term councillor of the town of Gibsons in BC.

She left her corporate role as National Marketing Manager for an independently owned investment firm and set out to build a House for Canada’s most powHERful women. Her journey began 17 years ago, and the PowHERhouse brand was born mid-2013 around the same time I launched BeWellTV.

What is great about this partnership is that Charlene and I have the same vision:

*Imagine the impact of a well-connected community of like minded leaders, decision-makers, influencers, innovators and catalysts of change. 

*Imagine our communities coming together to support and enrich each other not only in business but emotionally and physically as well.

*Imagine the potential of tapping into the variety of media & production platforms that we can offer to provide a voice for the amazing work that you all do.

and this is just the beginning!!!

“Canadian women have full schedules and full lives.  Our role is to ensure they are also fulfilling.  Women crave what works:  Proven Results. Distilled Short-Cuts. Tangible Solutions. Energy Savers. Best Practices.  They don’t have time or energy to mess around.  That’s where PowHERhouse comes in, and our collaborative venture with Beauty + WellnessTV provides women with incredible access to specialists in the wellness field, giving them the resources they need to obtain and maintain optimum self-care while they are committing time and dedication into the growth of their own business, leadership role and social impact.  It’s Lifestyle + Leadership, integrated.” 

– Charlene SanJenko, Founder & CEO of PowHERhouse Media Group.

What does this mean for you as a member of BeWellTV?

You get to be part of the amazing community that is BeWellTV plus now you gain access to further opportunities and media!! We Will be co-publishing a section of the PowHERhouse magazine. This quarterly digital publication celebrates positive role models who are making an impact in sport, business, arts, community leadership – and now wellness!

There is NO cost for you to subscribe to PowHERhouse, NO cost to be part of our co-feature in the magazine.

In fact we would like to gift you your first issue! Click on the magazine cover image below to sign up and get your copy! 

If PowHERhouse magazine resonates with you, you can sign-up to receive future issues. We are excited to announce that we will be co-producing a BeWellTV section starting with their Summer issue (out July 31st)!

Want to learn more about PowHERhouse?

Feel free to visit their website  or reach out to me or Charlene and we would be happy to discuss in more detail.  There are many more ways we are going to grow this partnership and we will look to you all with your ideas and creativity as we build new and exciting opportunities for both of our communities.


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