Q&A Business feature with Rhonda Doram of HoneyDo Lifestyle Assistant Inc.

Picture of Rhonda’s husband’s granny on her 90th kicking up her heels!

I had the pleasure connecting with Rhonda Doram, founder of HoneyDo Lifestyle Assistant Inc..  We chatted about many things including what drew her to working with seniors and starting her business to how she creates self-care in her own life when she gives so much to others.

What drew you to working with seniors and starting your business?

My Grandmother was the pillar in our family and we had a very close relationship. She faced challenges living alone in her own home and wanted to stay there as long as she possibly was able. As her needs for simple daily assistance increased, I was surprised how little was available for seniors to stay safely in their own home. Much of the needed help fell on my mom, who visited daily to keep our Gran going. I started becoming more involved in organizing her care, and quickly realized the lack of ‘care’ resources out there.  I started also helping neighbours and friends and understood how wide-spread, and just how vacant, these needs were in the community. Inspired by my cherished Granny’s journey, HoneyDo was born with her always foremost in mind. What I would want for my Gran, we want for yours too.

What do you think the benefits are to being able to ‘age in place’??

‘Aging in Place’ also means living well.

This model allows seniors the stability to remain in their own homes, while staying connected to their family, friends, neighbours and community resources. Our services also provide much needed support for Sandwich Generation families trying to manage quality care for their aging Baby Boomer parents, meanwhile, juggling full-time jobs and their own busy household on a limited budget. Working in respectful collaboration with multiple levels of health and community outreach, HoneyDo greatly eases burdens on the healthcare system, local resources and unpaid family caregiver networks. With our feature of seeing the same Assistant each visit promotes the building a trusted companionship, regular feedback to family, lessening of unknown daily variables and open connections with all involved in their network of care.

Our mindful assistance allows seniors the opportunity to invest in the quality of their lifestyle at home as they step into retirement and beyond.

What do you find the most rewarding in a days work that keeps you coming back for more?

Providing the gift of independence and dignity is reward in itself. Witnessing an authentic smile, supporting a client to achieve improvement in their life and health, be able to make their own choices, and focus on their strengths truly makes your heart grow 2 sizes. Seeing our team of exceptional staff working together with uncompromising mindfulness for the smallest care details, for the overall wellness of our clients, is profound. It makes me so very proud to see how our dedication successfully contributes to individuals and their families managing continued independent living and greatly extended quality of life at home.

Working in any industry when you give a great deal of yourself to your clients can cause burn out and stress,  what do you do for self care and recharging your batteries?

Like a band who says they feed off the energy of the crowd, we know how they feel.  Seeing how our care brings our clients up, energizes their day, meanwhile boosting freedom, comfort and peace of mind is soulful work. For this to continue, self care is vital… focusing on what matters to you individually fosters health and overall wellness and translates to your clients. Regularly disconnecting from daily work life and actively enjoying the natural beauty of our stellar landscape always helps me recharge. It’s also important to remember you won’t always be perfect, or be all things to all people, and to not feel guilty about setting healthy boundaries when you need your own time and space.

What is one piece of advice you seem to give the most?

That while the journey into the golden years is often not a straight simple one, but rather a winding road, sometimes with obstacles and speed bumps that can be overcome. That “Living Well in Place” requires a network of support and care within the community to ensure all needs for our elders are being met and understood. That patience and persistence go hand in hand with continuity of care and safe and successful.

Rhonda, thanks for taking the time to chat with us!!

Learn more about Rhonda and the wonderful work that she does on BeWellTV 

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