Value Partner: Lunch with the Ladies

We are thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with Lunch with the Ladies!

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The chief aim of LWTL is to enhance and enrich the community experience for women everywhere.

LWTL does this on three fronts: through friendship matching, mentoring opportunities for professional development, and by being an online storefront for women entrepreneurs. LWTL acts as a sort of spine in this effort, connecting people and supporting their pursuits, while importantly allowing the members themselves to curate their own experience. For example, members have access to tools such as an events generator. This is an effective way to publicize an event, as they promote it through all of our social media channels to share and build community. Another is the online storefront which allows women with an interest in setting up a business a streamlined process to do just that.


The ultimate purpose of LWTL is to boost the ‘inner circles’ of both our memberships – personally and professionally – something so important to our health as social creatures.

Both Lunch with the Ladies and Beauty + WellnessTV  are looking to connect with forward-thinking companies in Vancouver that see the value of having a network of focussed, career-oriented women with whom they can build relationships. Please read a copy of LWTL ebook to hear the voice of many of our members, and read one of our great mentorship success stories.


We are also thrilled to be partnering on various collaborative projects that will enhance and enrich the experiences of everyone within our communities.



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