Breizh Esthetics & Salon Supply Co.

Family. That is what our company is built around. Three generations currently working in the business working towards the common goal of progress in our clients’ business and our business have led to a business that has been supplying the world of professional skin care and beauty supplies since 1984. Breizh Esthetics & Salon Supply Co. strives to provide the best client experience in the beauty & wellness industry. We’ve seen many changes over the years which has given us the experience necessary to create a better client relationship through progressive thinking and to know where spa owners and service providers need support. Some of the areas include spa marketing support, monthly esthetics training, on-going business coaching & ecommerce setup & support. Our company has had the fortune of working with most major spas in BC and many resorts around the world including the Fairmont Willow Streams, The Kingfisher Resort & Spa, Vida Spa & many others. We’ve been featured in multiple industry publications and only offer spa products with a strong history of results and unique applications.