Dr. Aaron Van Gaver BSc ND Inc.

With over 10 years of experience, I work with both women and men.  My practice focuses on 3 target areas, and these are : 1.  Women's and Men's Hormone Health - individualized testing and treatment plans to address fatigue, infertility, menopause and low libido. 2.  IV Vitamin Therapy - customized IV treatment targeted to address fatigue, low immune health, mood/addiction issues and cardiovascular/heavy metal chelation therapy. 3.  Mental Health/Addiction Programs - initial assessment and recovery planning for individuals looking to make a change in their lives using IV therapy, counselling, acupuncture and dietary/lifestyle therapy. "If there is an obstacle to reaching your goals, if there is an addictive habit (alcohol, food, prescription, substances), I am here to listen and help coach you to a new YOU!" - YOU take the first step; I will walk with YOU the rest -