HoneyDo Lifestyle Assistant Inc.

HoneyDo Lifestyle Assistant Inc. – “Grandma Approved” Senior Services Inspired by my own cherished Grandmother and ignited by my core desire to be of service for others in a meaningful profession, I founded HoneyDo Lifestyle Assistant Inc. in 2008. My initial vision was to provide consistent, quality assistance at home for my own Granny, neighbors, and friends; services greatly lacking in our generally accepted scope of care. Quickly after inception, it became increasingly clear this need was far-reaching and narrowly available, if at all. Our vision continues to greatly expand to support seniors and their families across Delta and South Fraser regions, and beyond, to maintain their independence and ‘Age in Place’ safely and successfully. With local healthcare and senior communities over-taxed by our exploding senior population, lessened ability to afford a senior living environment, and lack of availability for assisted locations, HoneyDo Lifestyle Assistant Inc. creates unique and comforting opportunities for elders in our community. With on-going, or even occasion support, many seniors are able to continue living independent lives, in their own homes, meanwhile staying connected to family, friends, resources and community. Additional strain on grown children and grandchildren is vastly reduced, giving back quality time spent as a family, not only as a caregiver. With services ranging from companionship through to bathing, and everything in between from errands, laundry, daily household tasks, to staying-in-touch phone calls, escorted appointments and med reminders simplify daily living to boost freedom and peace of mind. While all services are designed to be client-directed and customizable, our qualified Assistants guide clients to optimize our offerings each visit to best serve their needs and lifestyle. HoneyDo Lifestyle Assistance Inc. allows folks the viable option to invest in the quality of their lifestyle as they step into retirement and beyond. What can HoneyDo for You?