Inner Wisdom Life Coaching Inc.

When something greater than you send you a message, you sit up and listen! That’s what Meera did when one day, she was taking a break from her busy day of being a successful professional in the financial industry. The moment of clarity and knowing that she had experienced at that time was something she said she would never forget and was one of the defining moments of her life. As an already spiritual person with a conscious mindset, Meera had always been aware that there are other possibilities out there. However, she didn’t think that her journey would be taking a detour to something that she had only heard about and was at the time not her expertise. She just knew that what was already instilled in her since a little child which was the lesson to help others, was what she is being guided to do. Inspired throughout the years by Dr. Wayne Dyer, Meera knew that she had to answer the call that would lead to her transformative journey. She immersed herself in her own personal transformation and challenged herself to overcome any barriers that would prevent her in being the best version of her. Her wish for the universe is for future generations to have the conscious connectedness to tap into their own inner wisdom. As a certified Integrative Life Coach Professional ™ she believes that, “Nothing is permanent, everything is temporary. You have to have that inner wisdom and that is your success. Once you have that, all those other things don’t really matter. Don’t give up on life and stay connected to your own inner wisdom.” Meera lives in Vancouver with her husband and daughter. As a family, they continue their family mission to be of service and be the voice of others who are homeless.