Line 5 Pilates Studios

Line 5 Studios is where the focus is on you. We offer our clients personalized instruction in an environment that is grounding and rejuvenating. Line 5 provides private sessions and small classes in a room with high ceilings, filled with light and fully equipped with Pilates reformers, towers and stability chairs. Our experienced instructors are fully trained in the Pilates method from diverse background and are dedicated to their craft. Our clients needs and goals are the main focus and everyone gets undivided attention, privacy in our exclusive private instruction on equipment. Line5 also offers semi-privates or trios, customized for our clients specific needs. To be as close as possible to Joseph Pilates original legacy, we keep our classes small, only 3-4 people to a session . We stay true to the intent and effectiveness of Pilates, designed to get results through a personalized approach. Every teacher at Line5 is committed to sharing their knowledge inspiring you to rise to your full potential. Pilates for better health. Align your Life Welcome to Line5 *Classes are by Appointment.