Love Your Age Fitness Inc.

Love Your Age is a fitness company dedicated to improving the lives of those concerned about how aging impacts their health and abilities.  Whether you are in mid-life, a boomer or a senior, each stage of life presents itself with unique health and wellness challenges. We specialize in fitness and the aging process:  we begin by assessing each client’s age and stage-specific fitness and functional levels, and then coordinate these results with the client’s unique goals, motivational needs, and health and fitness background.  We maximize our clients’ successes by working cooperatively with all their health care team members and by paying special attention to a client’s unique motivational, health, and lifestyle challenges. We are a team of exercise professionals with degrees in Kinesiology, and with former or current university research experience in exercise and aging.  We believe that exercise can help people hugely transform their health and their lives, via an approach that is warm, positive, and encouraging.  We offer convenient mobile service in your home or workplace, or you can work out in the gym at 8th and Cambie (by appointment.)  Please contact us to learn how you can age exceptionally!

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