Sage Clinic

At Sage Clinic, our goal is to help optimize the health of all individuals that come through our doors. Just stepping into one of our tranquil clinics in Vancouver and Victoria will instantly put you at ease. As a naturopathic principle, we take a holistic approach by looking at the person as a whole: mind, body and spirit. This includes reviewing a person’s health history, dietary intake, lab tests, exposure to environmental toxins, level of physical activity, mind body connection as well as any current medications or supplements they may be taking. When developing a treatment plan after a consultation with a patient, our doctors will often recommend dietary changes, lifestyle adjustments and a specific functional lab test if indicated in conjunction with naturopathic remedies to maximize results. Our individual doctors round out their naturopathic offering with additional services including Acupuncture, IV Therapies, Vitamin Injections, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Bowen Therapy and Neural Therapy. Although our focus is on optimal health and lifestyle choices we also treat many acute issues as well. The doctors at Sage Clinic are well equipped to assess and determine the best form of treatment with the patient’s long-term health always in mind in order to best resolve the issues at hand. Our founding Vancouver location consists of eight skilled Naturopathic physicians and two Registered Acupuncturists that have served our community for over twelve years. Our second location in Victoria, BC has six highly regarded Naturopathic physicians. With the singularity of focus of our clinics being naturopathic medicine, we bring a unique offering to our communities. The doctors at our two clinics are in regular communication and discussion both in person and on-line, a sort of virtual grand-rounds that serves to enhance our expertise in natural medicine. And it shows: Sage Clinic patients have chosen us Best Naturopathic Clinic in Vancouver for nine years in a row. We look forward to being your partner in transforming your health.

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